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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. making the grade. today some school districts begin a new school year the youngest are entering a new grade the first new level in california primary education in over a century. it is called transitional kindergarten. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm . katie marzullo joins us with a closer look. >> reporter: i've just been inside the new transitional kindergarten class it is bustling with little kids, parents, even district officials and a state senator. it is one of four new classes
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out of the 16 elementary schools in this district never trying to give 4-year-olds what they like to call the gift of time. it is the first day of school in the oak grove district in san jose this classroom is full of 4-year-olds. >> he was in preschool a couple days a week that definitely helped. it is a financial burden to have to put preschool. >> reporter: their son is one of 25 in this first of its kind transitional kindergarten class, a concept many have been craving, two year program for students who don't turn five until after set fizz. the senator was a driving -- after september 1st. the senator says it benefits the children and the community. >> we've had too many kids who have been held back, who needed remedial help, placed
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in special ed unnecessarily. not only has that been a struggle for them but it has been a cost. >> reporter: parents agree, notes how much harder kindergarten is these days. >> the reading, writing and our daughter just went through it a couple years ago. the arithmetic and the language arts, it is more advanced now. >> reporter: transitional kindergarten involves some numbers and letters, but more so, school skills. >> really they will get them -- getting along with others learning how to use supplies and giving them more time to learn how schoolworks. >> it is historic. i love the fact that they have those programs i think it was a wonderful idea. >> reporter: the senator's office says 40,000 students will benefit this year, 125,000 will benefit every
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year once the program is fully implemented in three years. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the coast guard has found a missing jet skier from los gatos alive and well after searching all night and into the morning. the 29-year-old was reported missing 6:00 sunday evening. two friends said they lost sight of him the coast guard launched a rescue operation that went into the morning it ended up that his jet ski ran out of gas he swam to the shore of jersey island and slept there. a local farmer loaned him a phone this morning answer called his friends. a water main break in saratoga created a huge sinkhole, a few residents still don't have water. the water crews work hard to make repairs with detours in place of local residents. that sinkhole is 20 feet deep and 10 feet wide. part of the road is caved in. the eight inch main burst 5
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a.m. officials say they hope to restore all service later this morning. california highway patrol investigating the death of a man hit and killed by an ambulance. he stopped his car on the side of the road and ran across the shortly before midnight on eastbound highway 4 in antioch. investigators state driver ran into oncoming traffic and an ambulance hit him. officials don't know why he left his vehicle they've not confirmed his identity. a muslim woman is suing south san francisco anyone tech claiming she was hadash -- again tech claiming she was harassed. she claims co-workers at get anyone tech humiliated her asking if her relatives from afghanistan were taliban and whether she was on the terror list she said when she
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complained management tolder who chill out. genentech issued a statement denying any wrongdoing. nice book hit a new low of $18.75 right now it has bounced back a little to over $19. apple once again the world's most valuable company. today the company surging stock sent the company's fall view to 621 billion dollars beating the record set by microsoft's high in 1999. federal government and mlb has begun a joint investigation into the latest bombshell in melky cabrera's doping scandal. the probe will include a criminal investigator from the fda who led the balco steroids investigation itch the star outfielder has been suspended for 50 games after testing positive for baned substance. new reports say he tried to
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avoid the -- suspension by creating a fake website as part of a cover story that he unknowingly purchased a banned drug online thinking it was a health submeant. his an s deny involvement. no comment from the giants. this is a must-win in less than two hours the all-star players on the petaluma team from sonoma still have a chance to stay alive in the little league world series. they lost yesterday to tennessee in spite of striking out a dozen players and hitting four homeruns. amy hollyfield joins us from petaluma they must be excited and nervous now. >> reporter: there are some nerves, also a lot of confidence. when i said to woman if they news today they will be out of tournament, she said they're not going to lose. they lose yesterday they had 350 fans here in petaluma watching them at the beautiful movie theater that will be an option again today they are showing the game on a couple of screens at the theater this
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morning we met some people busy getting errands out of the way so they will be ready to watch this afternoon. it is a do-or-die situation if they lose, they will be out of the tournament. >> my fingers are crossed so hopefully they win. >> oh, it is amazing everyone is thrilled. petaluma has shown huge support to these boys they are the dreamteam. >> we have a couple of neighbors who are star players it has been fun dan knee and austin. -- danny and austin. >> reporter: she says it was tough to watch the loss they care so much about these boys. yesterday was 9-6 against tennessee. petaluma did hit four homeruns so that loss was a heartbreaker. people here today say it hurt, but they are ready to rally for today, they feel like they are going to do. people will be watching at the movie theater we've met a
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couple of boys here this morning who were hoping the box office would be open it is opening around noon. they are worried it is going to sell-out. we are marrying about a few sports bars in town that will be showing it. and some people who have put televisions in their garages so they can have watching parties with friends. even though it is a monday afternoon it sounds like business as usual will come to a standstill here in petaluma at about 1:00 this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you again this is a must-win for petaluma today. they are playing against the champion team from new jersg-0ñ that game stars at 1:00, and you can watch on espn. still ahead, two political blunders, a republican senate candidate is apologizing for what he said about women and rape. a u.s. congressman admits to swimming naked in a holy site in the mideast while on a legislative trip.
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congressman todd akin is apologizing about his about rape and pregnancy. over the weekend the republican from missouri was asked about his support for a ban on abortion even in cases
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of rape. >> first of all, from what i understand from doctors, that's rare if it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. let's assume that didn't work or something, i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child. >> akin said he misspoke and he has great empathy for rape victims his opponent senator claire mccaskill called him ignorant and said his comments were offensive, as did the white house. mitt romney labeled the comments, insulting, inexcusable and offensive. reports say party officials are looking into ways to replace him on the ticket. i was a race analysts say republicans had a chance of winning. kansas congressman apologizing for any embarrassment caused by his naked swim during a trip to israel last summer he was among 30 lawmakers and staff
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who swam in the sea of galilee the place where the bible says jesus walked on water. he released this statement after dinner i followed some members of congress in a spontaneous and brief dive into the sea and regretably, i jumped in without a swimsuit. abc news is reporting that tony scott had inoperable brain cancer. he is known for top again and days of thunder he jumped from a bridge and left several notes to loved ones, his death is being investigated as suicide. >> prince philip has left the hospital after a successful treatment for a bladder infection. the 91-year-old husband of the queen was hospitalized last wednesday after suffering a recurrence of an infection he had this summer during the diamond jubilee. firefighters are battling an out of control with wildfire the ponderosa fire burning in shasta about half
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hour east of redding. more than 1400 firsts are on that scene this morning. it has burned more than 15,000 acres a big jump from yesterday, only 5% contained. seven homes have been destroyed, 3,000 homes are threatened. officials believe a lightning storm saturday morning started that fire. >> you talked about the possibility of lightning storms over the weekend. >> they came to fruition thankfully it wasn't worse. speaking of thunderstorms rolling through williamsport now so the petaluma game may be a little delayed. warming trend in our forecast. we'll try to get those delays over at sfo all that coming up. a beloved killer whale from six flags in vallejo now moving to a new home. is this not cool? this is just so very cool.
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[ applause ] >> first lady michelle obama hosts a kids' state dinner at white house. they got a bigger surprise. x
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it is the first white house state luncheon for kids. the first lady hosted more than 50 children from across the u.s. today for a special lunch. the children ages 8 to 12 are winners of a contest to create original healthy lunch recipes. they dined with mrs. obama and got to taste the winning recipes. now meeting the first lady is amazing. then this happened. >> so it is my honor to introduce the president of the united states. [ screaming ] >> i heard that there was a state dinner going on here. [ laughing ] >> the president: and usually, i get invited to the tate dinner. -- to the state dinner. this time i had to crash the party because i did not want to miss out on all the fun. >> white house party crasher
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this one welcomed. today's lunch is part of mrs. obama's let's move initiative to fight childhood obesity the first time the white house kitchen served a meal where with the entire menu was created by chefs with no formal training. >> cool. look how beautifully dressed the kids were with the hats, ties and dresses. >> yeah >> a lot of kids going back-to-school, what kind of weather parents are wondering? >> jackets in the morning shortsleeves in the afternoon depending on where you are, closer to the coast never get shorts and shortsleeves. good news from sfo flight arrival delays over, san jose oakland never had them sunshine breaking out in the -- in san jose. let's look at what is going on from our south beach camera towards san pablo bay includes breaking in, a little of a
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wind blowing in that sea breeze is going to kick in tomorrow and start dropping our temperatures. as far as live doppler, as was the case this morning, no real organized areas of wet weather we may have drizzle tomorrow, maybe even mist hanging in the air if you are driving around the coast or some of the higher elevations, you may get a little wet weather. let's zoom on over to williams port, pennsylvania the radar there, little league world series game running a little behind in the -- the storms are over more back building to the west along i-80 that means it is going to be tough to get the game in today good for pitching. clearing taking place within bank of fog over san francisco towards the east bay. temperatures reflective of where the clouds have been thickest in santa rosa where we had fog burned off to sunshine 63, 60s until you get into fairfield, antioch, livermore, los gatos, 70s there.
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50s where the clouds are, 73 gilroy. warming trend continue under sun every coast will get pockets of sun cloudy tonight drizzle coast, cooler afternoons wednesday and thursday one to five degrees warmer east bay valleys mid 80s near 90 brentwood for the warm spot. east bay shore the lingering clouds, 60s richmond and berkeley everybody else in the 70s south bay mid 70s to low 80s los gatos peninsula mid 70s san mateo, millbrae upper 60s. upper 50s to low 60s coast. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito. monterey bay mid 60s 75 santa cruz low to mid 80s inland. the state and thunderstorms are gone for now i think they come back around palm springs tomorrow san diego and l.a.,
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80 and 87. a's half game out of wild card twins in town 7:05 first pitch, 63° cooling to 57. really baby steps, we lose one to two degrees tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, couple more coolest afternoons, 90s return for the weekend inland 80s bay, 60s coast. pretty cool on the bay for the race tomorrow starting tomorrow the bay area is going to get a preview of next year's america's cup race. preparations underway now for spectators and sponsors. america's cup world series. the six-day event will feature 11 boats teams from eight nations. the map shows the best locations to catch all the races, viewing spots from chrissy field to piers 27, 29, we have a full schedule on click on see it on tv that world series event runs through sunday.
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another water event swimmer diana nyad back on track and doing well in her bid for a record swim from cuba to florida. a storm blew her off course temporarily last night. all hehl broke loose was -- but she is doing well now. she left havana saturday this is her 3rd attempt since last summer to become the first person to swim across the straits of florida without a shark cage. for the first time in history augusta national golf club has two women the masters invited former secretary of state rice and south carolina financier moore to wear the green jacket both accepted. rice is currently a senior fellow at stanford this ends a 10 year controversy that began
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when a former chairman said the club would not be pressured to change its all-male membership. bay area killer whale calling southern california her home. six flags in vallejo announced this morning she has been safely flown to seaworld in san diego. the 19-year-old female arrived at six flags in 2004 and was very popular with visitors the move was made so they could be with other or cast. she was not getting -- other orcas she was not getting
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>> today at 4:00 a treatment that melts away excessive sweating. then at 5, a look at women's drinking habits why researchers say married women 10 to have another round more often. those stories and more later today. after a revolving door of the guest hosts we will learn who will fill regis' seat next to kelly ripa. the new co-host will be revealed september 4th when he or she will join her on stage that morning. >> by then she will have had 59 co-hosts since regis retired. the -- >> we have to watch, t
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